Monday, August 13, 2012


R.I.P Anna Piaggi
Italian writer and Style Icon

Duck feet Nails?!
Goodbye claw/rock star nails make way for flare or duck feet nails.
It's hard to tell where the trend actually got its start but it seems to be that the Style channels Jerseylicious cast may have something to do with it.I'm curious to know how these nails function if you try them please let me know.

The new Canvas
Forget about eye shadow your lips should now be the focal point?
Well apparently so! I think these are great for photo shoots or on the runway but i'+
m not sure about everyday life you would be very hungry and thirsty as not to want to mess them up! But non the less it is very creative and I like it!
MAC Earthshine
Burgundy, gold,and apricot
This color will look FAB on darker complexions and especially around the cheek area.

Unsure of what exfoliant to use if you have sensitive skin? Studies show that  rice powder exfoilants are the best way to go.Just mix them with water then you can apply the paste like exfoliant to your skin.
Nars' fall collection
Nude with shimmering particles blush stick

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